12 Week Hormone Optimization Plan

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Learn to sync your cycle with your life to help balance hormones! As women, we live in a world dominated by the male 24-hour cycle, which does not sync well with our unique biology. Women have a second 28-day cycle that must be respected and nourished. Living out of sync with that 28-cycle can cause hormonal imbalances and other severe health issues. Over 12 weeks, I will teach you--one-on-one--how to sync your eating, sleeping, exercise, social and work life to help balance your hormones and get rid of annoying PMS symptoms. Additionally, I will educate you on the best self-care practices to help support your hormones in stressful seasons of life and how to clean up your beauty routine for balanced hormones. 


Background Check Verified ✅:
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Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (Institute of Transformational Nutrition)
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12 weeks
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