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I am a women's holistic health and wellness coach and specialize in meditation and mindfulness. I am here to help you shift from anxiety and overwhelm into calm and mindfulness. A lot of internal health issues such as bloating, gas, & indigestion stem from stress and certain eating patterns. In our sessions together we will go over a breathing techniques to calm anxiety when it arises, as well as look into your everyday habits and routines from how you start your day to how you eat. I will also help you navigate any underlying issues that may be causing your anxiety. I believe in the holistic approach and getting to the root of the issue. I am here to help alongside you on your journey to feeling healthy and well. Each session is 50 minutes. 


Background Check Verified ✅:
Certifications/Credentials Checked ✅:
Practitioner Certifications:
Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher (School for Positive Transformation), Shoden Level 1 Usui Reiki (Molly Coeling Therapeutic Massage & Reiki), IIN Health Coach Mid-Certificate
Refunds/Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy:
See attached Practitioner Disclaimer & Refunds/cancellations policy in the Attachments section
Session Length:
50 minutes
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  • Virtual


Practitioner Disclaimer & Refunds/cancellations policy (Plain___Simple_Holistic_Health___Wellness_-_Disclaimer_and_Refunds___cancellations_Policy.docx, 13 Kb) [Download]


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