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Nicole offers nutrition and holistic health coaching- including better eating, exercise and weight loss support.
She connects with people virtually, via phone or FaceTime for weekly 60-minute sessions, where she’ll help you clarify your nutrition goals, identify your food challenges, and co-create a measurable action plan for reaching your goal to eat better. She’ll guide you through powerful inquiry to deconstruct common diet misconceptions that get in your way, offer essential mind-body practices to support balanced nutrition, and mirror valuable insights to build confidence in reaching your goals. You can trust that Nicole will hold you accountable for your goals. You will know that you are on track to achieving your goals when you start to FEEL better!

Nicole is a Certified Life Coach, with a Masters in Education and BA in Psychology. She has 8 years coaching, 10+ years teaching, and over 20 years health and wellness experience- including study and practice of macrobiotics, food relationships, and nutrition. She has personally learned to eat to live (versus live to eat) and delights in sharing the tremendous vitality gained from this transformational relationship to food.


Background Check Verified ✅:
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Practitioner Certifications:
Certified Life Coach; Masters in Education; BA in Psychology
Session Length:
1 hour
Virtual or In-Person:
  • Virtual


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