Body-Centered Holistic Wellness Coaching

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Wellness Coaching for the Whole Person 

Embody ~ Empower ~ Transform

Body-Centered Holistic Coaching is a wellness coaching session that focuses on sustainably healing and transformation from the inside out!

A Coaching Session with Alison is a 1-on-1 call to drop in, dig in, and uncover that which is holding you back from living a life of presence and connection.

Through Somatic Therapy, Body Awareness, Mindfulness, and a various other modalities, together, we will create the platform for new pathways of growth and possibility.

Reclaim your connection with your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit, and your soul and feel whole.

“We cannot create outer change without creating inner change.

— Alison Rothman MA CYT

  • Transform your state of being by cultivating the capacity to live connected to your truest Self
  • Learn how to respond, rather than react to life.
  • Interrupt the story and reclaim your power.
  • Find greater ease and peace in your life.
  • Empower oneself to gain greater confidence.
  • Release the grasp of addictions and addictive patterns.
  • Open to richer and more fulfilling relationships.
  • Build the capacity to be comfortable in stillness.
  • Tap into a deep sense of inner calm that translates into your day-to-day life.
  • Gain the skills and resource to remain embodied and connected to yourself in midst of the natural swirls of human life.

With compassion, curiosity and kindness,

We will partner to explore and shift your habitual ways of living and being and take steps towards creating an empowering future!


Working with a guide that is resonant with you is an important component along the healing path. It is a worthwhile investment in your life to create lasting, sustainable, and empowering change in your life. My fees include our sessions as well as access to materials, exercises, and practices, as well as email support/check ins and follow up.

Choose to meet weekly, bi-weekly, or on an as needed basis.

To create lasting change in one’s life, commitment is important. I highly recommend committing to at least 6 months of working together.


Background Check Verified ✅:
Certifications/Credentials Checked ✅:
Practitioner Certifications:
M.A. and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching (Maryland Univ. of Integrative Health); 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Shambhava School of Yoga)
Virtual or In-Person:
  • Virtual


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