One Hour and 30 Minute Individual Remote Zoom Session - Discussion & Energy Healing Session

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In these sessions, we start out by discussing your intention for the session, how you are feeling in the moment, and anything you'd like help with spiritually, mentally, physically, or emotionally. This is your time to feel supported, comfortable, and loved. We can discuss anything you like and you can be as vulnerable as your are comfortable with. The discussion helps bring old patterns that are no longer serving you to the surface and activates patterns that are aligned with your soul's blueprint.

Healing is a process full of peaks and valleys so remember to be gentle with yourself when discussing, or bringing up trauma or deep wounds. Also remember to celebrate your victories no matter how big or small. You are an awesome person filled with amazing gifts and talents!

After the discussion, we'll begin the healing session. During the healing, your body is flooded with light, love, and peace so that you feel relaxed, refreshed, and comfortable. Everyone experiences and feels the energy differently because we are all unique. Sometimes the energy can bring old emotional wounds or traumas to the surface as they are released, so it is important to be gentle with yourself in the coming days and weeks as the energy integrates and activates new patterns within you. Also remember to drink plenty of water after the session! Water helps us clear old energy more easily and integrate new energy more readily.­­



Background Check Verified ✅:
Certifications/Credentials Checked ✅:
Practitioner Certifications:
Life–Changed TRUTH–Ascended Master Ste. Germain Reiki Master–Teacher Level & Initiation–Attunements; B.S. Psychology (Texas A&M)
Session Length:
90 minutes
Virtual or In-Person:
  • Virtual


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