Join our Team - Apply for a SproutStep practitioner account

Apply to be a SproutStep Practitioner:

  • Access your administrator panel.

  • List your virtual and/or in-person wellness services on our platform.

  • Receive your profit share through Stripe.

  • We handle back-office tasks such as advertising, enterprise client acquisition, client-provider communication, payment processing, service booking, and more so that you can focus on offering personalized, accessible wellness care to individuals across the nation.

  • You set your own schedule and your own prices for your services.
  • SproutStep takes a 10% marketplace commission fee. Stripe takes a small payment processing fee as well (currently listed on their website as 2.9% + 30 cents for each successful credit card charge). You receive the rest of the profit share for your booked services.

    *You must email a copy of your relevant certifications/licenses/diplomas to and complete the PeopleTrail background check here before your practitioner account can be approved