Mindful Behavior at Work

Background Check Verified ✅, Certifications/Credentials Checked ✅
  • Note: Refunds, Cancellations, & Rescheduling Policy


Mindfulness Behavior looks into who we are being in our day-to-day interactions in relation to our actions and how we show up, ensuring that our behaviors align with our personal core values and the concept of non-harming. The goal of this talk is to give participants a new awareness and new language when it comes to self-accountability about their behaviors in the workplace (and in life), including mindful timing and how they can organize their schedules more mindfully.

Attendees will learn: 

  • A new way to think about how to structure your day to be more mindful of your needs and others
  • Tips and tricks to stay present throughout your workday

Pricing is for a 1-hour virtual workshop


Background Check Verified ✅:
Certifications/Credentials Checked ✅:
Practitioner Certifications:
Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification, IFS Level 1 trained
Refunds/Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy:
Sessions may be canceled up to 5 business days in advance for a full refund. Rescheduling must happen at least 48 hour prior to the event. Any changes made within 48 hours of the even may result in added fees (for rescheduling).
Session Length:
1 hour
Session Type offered:
  • Educational classes
Virtual or In-Person:
  • Virtual
  • Provider goes to Client


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